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take your body. this is a hand-held, and this is a good example where you could put a bar here. you could leave it in place as the traditional shower, or you could take it, and you could do it, and this is also great for cleaning and washing your dog and things like that. >> right, so you cannot get your hair wet while your taking a shower. i suppose this has the same kind of back float servants and -- backflow prevention built in. >> right, and it shows the variety of finishes here. the chrome. this looks like brushed stainless steel. what you do not see is brass, and press has really become -- is in favor these days. kroll is probably the most popular. it is similar to in kitchen appliances, stainless steel. is good. it goes with all color schemes. >> there was a recent change to
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san francisco's codes that said you could not have more than one sitting turned on at any more than one time. so you cannot have multiple salaries and more for water savings. >> right. a lot of people like showers for two, and now, you are saying one valve for one shower. >> i think you could probably sit flow rates could be adjusted, and you could probably make it happen, but it is beginning to be very tightly regulated. tell us, when people come in to buy, what is it that they like? what are they actually buying? >> a lot of it has to do with style. first is for the lab faucet's. you have the widespread, the two handles, hot and cold. very modern design. >> people like modern. >> people like modern, but we are in san francisco, so we get
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a wide range. then the one hand, very popular, ada-approved. saves water. very easy to use >> > one of the standards for commercial, not residential, is that you have to be able to operate equipment with a single operation without tight grasping or pinching. so this actually allows that to happen. you can operate without having to grab and pitch and twist something. this is very user-friendly. it is also reduced flow, and you do not have to have two faucet's running. >> only have to cut one hole in your credit. . granite. this is really traditional, very popular fish. >> nice. and this is, -- chrome, and
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brushed nicke. >> as far south as there, and showers are popular right now. rain heads are popular, but you want something that is functional for what you use, so hand showers are great. >> is this one of the ones that has a sheet of water? >> it does. waterfalls of this type come down to a point when you turn them on. this particular one, because we have reworked the inside of it in a fairly complex plumbing system in there, it will actually come out as a sheet of water like a true waterfall. >> but it still meets the flow requirements? >> it does. many of the process we are shipping today will be these standard at 1.5. >> i think 1.5 is the california appliance efficiency standard. >> that's right. that is what we are shipping out. >> terrific.
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what do you call this kind of head? >> there are just the regular overhead tight showerheads. they can be mounted, or they could come out at different lengths. >> so you could screw this on to enormous shower? >> as long as they can rotate. some of them are fixed flat. >> that is terrific. thank you for joining us today for "building san francisco" and we hope to see you on the third wednesday of every month. sometimes we do leches with guests in our studio. please join us, and you can get more information that it is a wonderful day, and i'm going to go get a burrito.
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>> i work with the department of environment and we are recycling oil. thank you. we can go into a refinery and we can use it again. they do oil changes and sell it anyway, so now they know when a ticket to a. hal>> to you have something you want to get rid of? >> why throw it away when you
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can reuse it? >> it can be filtered out and used for other products. >> [speaking spanish] >> it is going to be a good thing for us to take used motor oil from customers. we have a 75-gallon tank that we used and we have someone take it from here to recycle. >> so far, we have 35 people. we have collected 78 gallons, if not more. these are other locations that you can go. it is absolutely free. you just need to have the location open. you are set to go.
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